LEXICON - Language and Translation Center

Translation, simultaneous, consecutive interpreting and language courses


LEXICON specializes in translations, simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, as well as foreign language courses (Spanish and French) for individuals and businesses.



We translate documents from Spanish and French to Polish, as well as Polish to French and Spanish. We also translate documents from French to Spanish, Spanish to French, in addition to English to French and English to Spanish. A native language translator ensures the quality and accuracy of each translation.

We specialize in providing interpreting services at conferences, business meetings, professional training workshops, and any other type of meeting or event where a translator is needed.

We offer language courses in Spanish and French for adults, children and teenagers in and around Krakow. We also offer language training for businesses.

We invite you to learn more about our services.

We offer professional and reliable service to all our clients, along with providing the efficiency and privacy that our customers’ value.

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We provide translations in the following language combinations:


Polish      <>    Spanish
Polish      <>    French
French     <>    Spanish
English    <>    Spanish
English    <>    French

Conference interpreting


  • Simultaneous
  • Consecutive
  • Liason
  • Whispered


In the following language combinations:


Polish       >   Spanish
Spanish    >   Polish
French      >    Polish
Polish       >    French


LEXICON offers Spanish and French language courses built around the needs of businesses or of individual students.

LEXICON provides standard courses, intensive and specialized (i.e. business language, finance language) using the traditional method (teacher-led classes) and also courses using the blended method, which is a combination of distance learning and the traditional method.


LEXICON also provides on-line learning: conversations through Skype or by phone with a native speaker.



Spanish and French courses for kids!

 bandera-españa.jpg       bandera-francia.jpg


LEXICON provides services for companies who wish to do business in Poland and for Polish companies who wish to make contacts in Spanish and French speaking countries.


LEXICON provides the following services for entrepreneurs :


  • Contacting foreign clients

  • Acquiring the required information

  • Pursuing business contacts

  • Accompaniment within Poland or abroad

  • Organizing meetings

  • Organizing participation in trade fairs

  • Negotiating on behalf of businesses

  • Translations and conference interpreting